Sprout Social vs Hootsuite

Sprout Social vs Hootsuite: Determining the Superior Social Media Tool

In the competitive realm of social media tools, Sprout Social vs Hootsuite stand out as two of the most prominent platforms vying for the attention of social media managers. Both offer robust publishing tools, scheduling and publishing capabilities, analytics, and reporting and are considered industry leaders in social media marketing.

As businesses and marketing teams strive to optimize their marketing strategy, choosing the right tool that aligns with their objectives is crucial.

This comparison aims to dissect the features, benefits, and drawbacks, helping users decide which social marketing tool best suits their needs.

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Introducing the Contenders: Sprout Social vs Hootsuite

As two titans in the social media management arena, Sprout Social and Hootsuite each bring unique strengths. Sprout Social is lauded for its sophisticated publishing tools and customer engagement features, while Hootsuite boasts formidable scheduling and bulk publishing capabilities.

Both platforms serve as a nexus for marketing strategy, content curation, and social media interactions, offering a diverse range of tools to accommodate the dynamic needs of modern management and social marketing.

1. Sprout Social: A Synopsis

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
sprout social vs hootsuite

Sprout Social is recognized as an industry leader among social media managers for its comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate publishing, analytics, and engagement across social channels. With a focus on delivering actionable insights and fostering strong customer relationships, Sprout Social empowers users with publishing tools that streamline content scheduling and inbox management to engage in meaningful social conversations.

Pricing Tiers

Sprout Social offers four subscription plans: Standard, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Standard Plan, priced at $199 per month billed annually or $249 monthly, suits small businesses, providing scheduling, social inbox management, and basic reporting. The Professional Plan, at $299 per month billed annually or $399 monthly, targets growing businesses with advanced analytics and collaboration tools. The Advanced Plan, priced at $399 per month billed annually or $499 monthly, caters to larger businesses with listening capabilities and priority support. 

The Enterprise Plan offers additional customization and security features for large organizations. Each plan offers a range of features to help manage social media effectively.

  • Advanced social listening tools and analytics capabilities
  • Intuitive content scheduling and publishing tools
  • Effective inbox management for handling social media interactions
  • Robust customer engagement features such as spike alerts and suggested replies
  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • May have a steeper learning curve for new users
  • Limited support for certain social channels

2. Hootsuite: An Overview

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
sprout social vs hootsuite

Hootsuite has established its footprint in the digital marketing landscape by offering a versatile platform that supports content curation, social media scheduling, and analytics for a diverse array of social networks. Known for its comprehensive social inbox and the ability to manage multiple accounts, Hootsuite is a contender for those debating between Hootsuite or Sprout Social for their social media management needs.

Pricing Tiers

Hootsuite offers four subscription plans to meet the diverse needs of businesses: Professional, Team, and Business. The Professional plan ($99 per month) offers unlimited scheduling, basic analytics, and integration with 10 social profiles. The Team plan, priced at $249 a month, is ideal for teams, providing collaboration tools, advanced analytics, and integration with 20 social profiles.

The Enterprise Custom plan is designed for large organizations, featuring advanced security, custom training, and integration with 50 social profiles. Each plan includes a range of features tailored to help businesses effectively manage their social media presence.

  • Extensive support for numerous social networks
  • Convenient bulk scheduling feature
  • Streamlined approval workflow process
  • A wide array of integrations and browser extension options
  • Can become costly as additional features are needed
  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive than competitors
  • Reports may lack depth compared to Sprout Social’s in-depth analytics

Target Audience: Who Benefits Most?

While both tools offer a range of functionalities, Sprout Social’s publishing tools and Hootsuite’s expansive social network support target different user bases. This section will explore which platform aligns best with specific marketing needs and organizational structures.

Sprout Social: Ideal for Customer Engagement Focus

Organizations that prioritize customer engagement and brand reputation will find Sprout Social’s publishing tools and analytics particularly beneficial for deepening customer relationships and driving brand loyalty.

Social Listening and Response with Sprout Social

The platform’s social listening tools help businesses tap into social conversations, track mentions, and gauge audience sentiment, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making and proactive engagement.

Hootsuite: The Go-To for Team-based Social Management

For marketing teams that emphasize collaboration and efficiency in executing social media management tasks, Hootsuite’s comprehensive toolkit stands out, especially for managing marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Collaborative Features of Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s platform facilitates teamwork through shared calendars, team assignments, and streamlined communication tools, all essential for effectively managing and tracking marketing campaigns in a team environment.

Features Face-Off: Comparing Core Capabilities

Marketing campaigns serve as the backbone for both Sprout Social and Hootsuite, but how do their features truly compare? This section will pit their core capabilities against each other in a head-to-head matchup.

1. Dashboard Experience: Navigation and Accessibility

When it comes to dashboard usability, the choice between Hootsuite vs Sprout Social can be a decisive factor. Both platforms aim to offer a seamless experience, but their approach to navigation and accessibility can significantly influence user preference.

2. Scheduling Tools: Timing Is Everything

For social media managers, effective scheduling tools are vital for maintaining a consistent online presence. These tools help in planning content calendars, automating posts, and ensuring that messages reach their audience at the optimal times.

Hootsuite’s Bulk Scheduling Advantage

Hootsuite offers a robust feature for businesses looking to amplify their social media presence efficiently: bulk scheduling. This allows users to upload numerous posts at once, saving substantial time. By scheduling content in advance and large quantities, teams can better focus on real-time engagement and strategy refinement, making Hootsuite a powerful asset for maintaining an active social media presence.

Sprout Social’s Queue and ViralPost® Technology

Sprout Social enhances scheduling with its unique Queue and ViralPost® technology, which determines the best times for post engagement. This smart automation enables users to fill their posting schedule with content that is then automatically shared at peak engagement times, ensuring that the audience receives messages when they are most likely to interact, thus increasing the potential for viral reach.

3. Analytics and Reporting: Measuring Success

Utilizing social media analytics tools and generating custom reports are essential in measuring the impact of a brand’s social media strategy and guiding informed decisions.

Hootsuite’s Customizable Reports

Hootsuite excels with its customizable reports, empowering users to track and analyze performance metrics that matter most to them. The flexibility to create tailored reports means that businesses can focus on key performance indicators specific to their goals, enabling a deep dive into data that informs strategy adjustments and demonstrates ROI effectively.

Sprout Social’s Rich Data Insights

Sprout Social is known for its rich data insights, offering comprehensive analytics that go beyond surface metrics. Users gain access to detailed performance breakdowns, audience demographics, and engagement analyses. This depth of insight supports strategic decision-making and helps brands understand the full impact of their social media efforts.

4. Social Media Listening: Understanding the Audience

Social media listening tools are crucial for brands to gauge public sentiment, discover trends, and engage with their community proactively.

Hootsuite’s Monitoring Streams

Hootsuite’s monitoring streams allow users to keep an eye on conversations across multiple platforms from a single dashboard. This integration of social listening into daily workflow enables brands to quickly respond to mentions, track competitor activity, and stay ahead of industry conversations, all of which are essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Sprout Social’s Discovery and Trends Analysis

Sprout Social’s discovery and trends analysis tools offer deep insights into audience behavior and emerging trends. By identifying patterns and topics of interest within their community, brands can tailor their content and engagement strategies more effectively, ensuring they connect with their audience on a more meaningful level.

5. Supported Social Platforms: Breadth of Coverage

When it comes to the breadth of coverage across social platforms, both Sprout Social and Hootsuite offer extensive support for various networks. Sprout Social supports a range of platforms critical for a brand’s online presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This allows businesses to manage their social media interactions comprehensively across the most influential social platforms.


Value Proposition: Pricing and ROI

In the competitive arena of social media management platforms, pricing structures and the potential return on investment (ROI) are pivotal. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite present unique value propositions, with pricing tiers designed to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises seeking robust social media strategies.

Hootsuite Pricing: Packages for Every Budget

Hootsuite acknowledges the diverse financial constraints of businesses by offering multiple pricing tiers. From free plans for individuals just starting to comprehensive packages for large organizations, Hootsuite ensures that there is a cost-effective solution for every budget. Each plan is structured to scale with the growing needs of a brand, integrating various social media tasks into a singular, efficient workflow.

Sprout Social Pricing: Investment in Quality

Sprout Social’s plan costs reflect its emphasis on advanced social listening and comprehensive analytics. The investment aligns with quality, targeting businesses that prioritize depth in their social media strategies.

Cost-Effectiveness and Return on Investment

Assessing the cost-effectiveness and return on investment is crucial for businesses when choosing between Sprout Social and Hootsuite. The platforms’ pricing must be weighed against their features, including analytics, engagement tools, and support. The right choice depends on the specific needs of the business and the expected ROI from their social media campaigns.

Usability Showdown: Which Is More User-Friendly?

The usability of a social media management tool can significantly impact the efficiency of managing online interactions. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite are designed with user-friendly interfaces, although their approaches to design and navigation differ. The ease of use of each platform may appeal differently depending on the user’s familiarity with such tools and personal preference.

1. Getting Started: Setup Simplicity

The setup process for social media management tools is a crucial first step for users. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite have strived to make their setup processes as simple as possible. Quick onboarding, intuitive dashboards, and clear instructions are provided to ensure a seamless transition for new users beginning their social media management journey.

2. Day-to-Day Management: Ease of Use

Day-to-day management of social media activities demands a platform that simplifies routine tasks. Sprout Social and Hootsuite offer dashboards and tools designed to streamline these processes, making it easier for users to schedule posts, engage with followers, and track performance without significant hassle.

3. Administrative Control: Managing User Permissions

Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite understand the importance of administrative control in managing user permissions, particularly for teams. They provide granular permission settings that ensure team members have the right level of access to perform their roles effectively while maintaining security and oversight.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Customer support and satisfaction are critical components of a user’s experience with a social media management tool. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite prioritize customer service, offering a range of resources, including online tutorials, knowledge bases, and responsive support teams to assist users in maximizing the platforms’ capabilities.

Hootsuite’s Help and Community Resources

Hootsuite offers an extensive array of help and community resources aimed at empowering users. With detailed guides, forums for peer-to-peer assistance, and dedicated customer support channels, Hootsuite ensures that users have access to the information and help they need to navigate any challenges they encounter.

Sprout Social’s Dedicated Assistance

Sprout Social provides focused, dedicated assistance to support its users, ensuring that they can effectively leverage the platform’s tools for their social media strategy.

Sprout Social’s 24/5 Phone Support

Recognizing the need for immediate assistance, Sprout Social offers 24/5 phone support to address any urgent user inquiries or issues. This level of dedicated support underscores Sprout Social’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the smooth operation of its users’ social media management tasks.

Integration Ecosystem: Expanding Functionality

The ability to integrate with other systems expands the functionality of a social media management tool, providing users with a more cohesive and powerful experience. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite have built ecosystems that support integration with various third-party applications, enhancing the platform’s capabilities and streamlining marketing efforts.

Hootsuite’s Vast Array of Integrations

Hootsuite beats Sprout Social in the sheer number of available integrations, offering connections to a wide range of marketing efforts, project management solutions, and editing tools. This expansive integration ecosystem allows for a more versatile and comprehensive approach to managing a brand’s social media presence.

Sprout Social’s CRM and Marketing Tools Compatibility

When it comes to CRM tools, Sprout Social integrates smoothly, turning social interactions into actionable customer relationship insights. The platform’s compatibility with various marketing tools, including automation tools and scheduling tools, enables businesses to streamline their workflows.

Sprout Social’s smart inbox further enhances its utility by centralizing communication. While the basic plan offers substantial features, higher-tier plans unlock even more powerful integrations, catering to advanced marketing strategies.

Forward-Thinking: Innovation and Development

Social media management platforms are in a constant state of evolution, and staying ahead requires a commitment to innovation. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite understand this need and invest accordingly to ensure their platforms remain competitive, feature-rich, and aligned with the latest social media trends. 

Sprout Social’s Commitment to R&D

Sprout Social’s dedication to research and development is evident in its consistent rollout of new features. These enhancements reflect the platform’s deep understanding of social media dynamics and user needs. Through R&D, Sprout Social ensures that its offerings remain relevant and efficient, helping users to leverage the latest technologies and strategies for social media management success.

Hootsuite’s New Feature Rollouts

Hootsuite remains a dynamic force in the social media management space with its regular introduction of new features. The platform’s updates are designed to streamline workflow, enhance analytics, and improve user engagement across multiple networks.

Hootsuite’s commitment to delivering advanced functionalities keeps it at the forefront of the industry, continually adapting to the ever-changing landscape of social media.


Competitor Insight and Analysis

The ability to generate customizable reports is critical for social media managers seeking to track performance and justify ROI. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite offer robust reporting features, allowing brands to benchmark their social media efforts against competitors. 

Benchmarking with Sprout Social

With Sprout Social, users can employ comprehensive benchmarking tools that compare their social media performance against competitors. This feature allows for an in-depth analysis of industry standards and helps identify areas for improvement. By leveraging these insights, businesses can craft strategies that capitalize on market opportunities and elevate their social media stature.

Competitive Edge: Strategies with Hootsuite

Hootsuite equips its users with an array of strategic tools intended to sharpen their competitive edge. From detailed analytics to social listening, the platform enables a deep dive into market trends and consumer behavior. By understanding the competition, Hootsuite users can fine-tune their approach, ensuring their social media tactics are both innovative and effective.

The Verdict: Which Platform Reigns Supreme?

When deciding which platform reigns supreme, it often comes down to the specific social platforms each business uses and how well Sprout Social supports those needs. Each tool brings unique strengths to the table; hence, the superior choice varies based on the desired features and the user’s specific social media strategy and goals.

Deciding Factors for Your Brand

The deciding factors for any brand include the need for advanced analytics, a user-friendly interface, and a toolset that aligns with the company’s social media objectives. Evaluating these factors against each platform’s offerings helps in making an informed decision that supports the brand’s long-term social media strategy.

The Winner in Different Scenarios

The winner in the Sprout Social vs Hootsuite debate may differ depending on the scenario. For brands prioritizing customer engagement, Sprout Social could lead the way, while those seeking extensive team collaboration might find Hootsuite more fitting.

Ultimately, the right choice is the one that aligns best with the company’s unique social media management requirements.

Let’s Wrap Up the Social Media Management Comparison

In the bustling realm of digital marketing, the “Sprout Social vs Hootsuite” debate underscores the importance of choosing the right social media management tools tailored to a brand’s specific needs. Both platforms offer a robust suite of features, including comprehensive social listening capabilities, a unified social inbox, and support for a variety of social networks.

While Sprout Social excels in customer engagement and content suggestions, Hootsuite’s enterprise plan might appeal to large teams seeking a collaborative approach.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on which tool aligns best with your social media strategy, budget, and desired outcomes in the dynamic world of supported social platforms.

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